Monday, August 11, 2008

What is Network Marketing?

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Network Marketing is simply recommending, referring or promoting something. We begin network marketing as small children. Children recommend toys, movies, games, candy bars, soda pops, etc. all the time. As adults, we recommend books, foods, restaurants, plays, etc. We also refer people and services. But, even though we are constantly involved in network marketing, many people resist the concept of network marketing when it comes to starting a home business because they don't understand this concept.

Although network marketing is something we all participate in, there are two types of network marketers -- those who have decided they want to get paid for recommending, referring and promoting and those who have not. And, of those who have decided to get paid to do so, there are also two types -- those who have decided to get educated, learn the industry, develop skill-sets and therefore earn a substantial income as professional network marketers and those who have not gotten educated and therefore struggle and earn little to no money.

Many years ago, I was one who decided to get paid to network market. But, I fell into the second type of network marketers because I did not get educated. Consequently, I struggled and you know the rest.

But, after I decided to get educated, the very first thing I learned was network marketing is a relationship building business. It is not a sales business as I previously believed. Learning this truth was life-changing for me. I immediately understood why I and so many others struggled to build a successful home business. But, it made perfect sense. People do business with people they know, like and trust. With so many identical or comparable goods and services available, that is truly the competitive edge. Now, understand this, although your competitve edge is how well people know, like and trust you, you still need to have a great product or you will just be known, liked and trusted.

If you are a network marketer who has decided to earn an income but are struggling because of lack of knowledge about the network marketing industry, lack of skills training, or about how to build relationships, I invite you to register here to begin your education. This training is free. It is also generic training and mentions no company or product.

If you have never considered earning an income in network marketing, think about this. The wonderful thing about network marketing is you can build a solid business once and get paid for those efforts over and over again which is recurring or residual income. This type of income is different from the other type of income most people earn which is linear income -- income which is earned one time after trading time for it.

Remember, whether or not you have decided to become a network marketing professional, you are actively participating in network marketing every time you recommend, refer or promote.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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