Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reverse Marketing -- How Effective Is It?

What is reverse marketing? Reverse marketing is a very effective way to promote online to a targeted market, provided you have something of value you can offer.

Here is how it works. When I first started marketing online, I placed a classified ad for this wonderful business opportunity. How excited I was when someone responded and asked for more information. However, I did wonder why they asked for more information since I provided a link to my website where they could find out whatever they needed to know. I did not know at the time this was a reverse marketing strategy.

After I sent the requested info, I was invited to join them in their social networking community. I checked out the site, but did not join. A second time someone responded to my ad and asked me for more information. Again, I was invited to join them in their community (the same one as the first). Well, by the time the third person requested more information, I knew what was happening. This time I decided to join the community since I had already checked it out.

This experience turned out to be a good one for me. Although I didn't sell my product or the business opportunity, this was my introduction to social networking. As a result, I have been exposed to information and resources that have helped me immensely in business.

That brings me to this point -- if you are attempting to reverse market a business opportunity -- you may be wasting your time. People who are advertising online believe in their product or service. They believe they are in the right business for them and usually are not looking for another opportunity. But, if you offer something of value, like a free book or your personal assistance, you can get the desired results. This type of marketing is effective because quite often, even though the person pitching you strongly believes in what they are marketing, they are challenged on how to market it effectively. Thus, they are often receptive to something that will help them promote their current business opportunity.

The reason the reverse marketing strategy used on me was effective was I saw the value of joining a social networking community. It gave me exposure to many other network marketers. Once I joined, however, I quickly realized I had to provide something of value and offer something other than my product or business opportunity. That is how and when I started learning the network marketing industry so I could be able to bring value to fellow networkers.

On a side note, while it is true I joined the social site for the exposure; I did not see it as a viable business opportunity because of the horrific pay plan -- too much effort for so little money.

So, if you have a great business opportunity (you know it is great because you have read the policies and procedures and crunched the numbers on the compensation plan), reverse marketing may just be the strategy for you. But remember, you must have something of value that can help anyone in any company.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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Michael said...

Hi, nice article. I saw u on twitter and thought hmm, she seems to know something. Anyway, checked out your article on Ezine and that brings me to your blog.

Interesting stuff here! I never heard of reverse marketing. Thanks for the tips and quality information.

All the best