Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Staying Close to the Fire

Each week, my friends and business partners participate in the 30 day mental cleanse. We read a chapter out of the book Think & Grow Rich (T&GR), write out our thoughts on the chapter and discuss them on a mastermind call. Also, each week we have a leaders call where Michael Dlouhy leads a discussion on a subject that will enlighten you about our industry and how you relate.

On one of these calls, Michael shared a training he received from Jerry Clark. Jerry explained the four categories of people -- those who passionately work in their strengths; those who work in their strengths but are passion less about it; those who passionately work in their weakness; and those who work in their weakness and are passion less about doing so. (The income earned correlates to which quadrant you operate in but that is a topic for another discussion).

Well, here is a lesson submitted by one of the participants in the 30 day cleanse. It incorporates the lesson learned from Chapter 1 in T&GR, the lesson learned from Jerry Clark and a lesson learned from life coach, Patrick Wanis. It was submitted by Suzan Svatek.

Then Man Who "Thought" His Way Into Partnership With Thomas A. Edison

On Monday I was able to listen to 2 life-changing conference calls. The first one was with Michael about our Strengths,Weaknesses, Having Passion, or being Passionless.

I realized I had lapsed into the Passionless/Weakness quadrant of the chart. I have been working AT my business, not IN my business.

I could not understand WHY I had fallen so far into darkness. Yes, I am a Green, but in the beginning months of working in my business I was in the Passionate/Weakness quadrant (though I didn't know this at the time).

I really wanted to make my business work, but I was very focused on my weaknesses and trying to overcome them. Some of my weaknesses are:

Fear of Rejection
Fear of not knowing the right (perfect) thing
to say when I called my leads
Fear of GETTING leads
Fear of Success
Fear of building relationships
Fear of the responsibility of managing people

In a conversation with my sponsor 2 weeks ago, I realized that I was sabotaging myself.

He offered to help me one-on-one to create some success in the next 90 days. I felt myself withdraw and become fearful. I had to do some real soul-searching and find out what that was about.

Did I WANT what I thought I wanted, or was I just fooling myself and actually was a loser.

I DIDN'T want to face THAT thought. I truly don't think of myself as a loser in all aspects of my life, but I had to face the fact that I THOUGHT of myself as a loser in Network Marketing.

I had failed at it in the past, and I was doomed to fail at it again. I have isolated myself from other team members thinking myself not worthy of taking their time for advice and guidance.

I haven't even tapped into the resource of my successful sponsor. I thought somehow that I had to do this on my own. I needed to know how to do this business without help.

Then, on Monday evening I listened to another conference call and things started to come all together. The speaker was Patrick Wanis. He is a life coach and human behavior expert.

He spoke of the Law of Attraction, but went deeper. He said that the Law of Attraction was only the beginning. There were 2 OTHER laws that had to be invoked in order for the Law of Attraction to work.

They were the Law of Action and the Law of Deservedness...... He also spoke about our relationship with money and were we OPEN to receiving wealth?

Things began to fall into place for me. I have been working with the Law of Attraction waiting for success to show up, but then sabotaging any small success I was receiving.

I've worked at the business by writing articles for Ezines, getting on My Space, but not really working hard at making friends and building the relationships, doing videos, dabbling at AdLand Pro and Direct Matches.

What I been resistant to doing was writing down goals, establishing self-talk that I could relate to (have been doing self-talk, but didn't feel it was my own), doing visualizations, and taking ACTION.

I have been in a constant state of anxiety for months now. I have been dreading getting up each morning, glad when bedtime came that I wouldn't have to think about, and feeling guilty about not doing my business.

I have kept my WHY's in the forefront, which is WHY I have hung on as long as I have been.

When I heard about the Law of Action and Law of Deservedness, a light bulb flashed. I realized I had not been taking action that would get me the leads I needed.

But mostly, I realized I didn't feel I DESERVED success and was sabotaging myself by doing busy work, i.e., filing, sorting, listening to some conference calls, studying/reading self-help books.

I didn't feel success was for me. It was for every one else. When I reread Chapter 1 and fully under stood how the Laws of Attraction, Action and Deservedness must have been so deeply ingrained in Edwin C. Barnes for him to be as persistent as he was in achieving his goals, I really understood what attributes he possessed and how he invoked the Laws of Attraction, Action and Deservedness.

He didn't spend his time shuffling papers or reading self-help books (though I am totally convinced that there is also a Law of Self-Development) to forestall his taking ACTION.

He took action and persisted to finally see the day come when it all paid off for him. I also understood the persistence of that little girl in getting her fifty-cents and Darby's lack of obtaining counsel from an expert to go 3' further in finding his gold.

I think I am finally on the RIGHT road. I now see HOW I can move forward. I have to draw on the expertise of my team members to do what they are doing to get prospects. I have to take action. But most importantly, I have to feel I DESERVE success and just quit sabotaging myself.

I feel this is a real break through for me. I want to work from my strengths and feel
passionate about what I am doing.

End of Suzan's life lesson.

This sort of thing happens week after week, person after person in the mental cleanse. People dig deep into their souls to find out why they are not having the success they desire. Week after week, people are having breakthroughs in their lives and in their businesses just like Suzan. It happens because they stay close to the fire.

If there are things in your life keeping you from fulfilling your dreams and you believe your life is worth 30 days, I invite you to join us each week on the mental cleanse call. Register here Don't forget to send me your lessons learned @

Be Empowered to Prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Network Marketing Training -- Can You Ever Retire from Your Network Marketing Business

I pray this day finds you prospering and in health even as your soul prospers.

In previous discussions, I pointed out how vitally important it is to read the contract before joining a network marketing company. This contract consists of the terms and conditions; the policies and procedures; and the compensation plan. I mentioned you should never join a company if the policies and procedures are not clearly visible on the company website. I also suggested you review you contract for clauses that can legally allow a company to terminate you. When you agree to the terms and conditions, you have no leg to stand on in a court of law when they decide to enforce the contract. If you are not making any money in the company (which most people never do), they probably won't. But, if you ever become a money earner, they can very well decide to terminate you, with or without cause. If you think they won't enforce them, think again.

In this article we will simply ask a question. Will you ever be able to retire from actively building your business?

Before we get to that, let me ask this? Do you intend to spend a few years building a solid business and then retire from it to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Or, do you intend to spend the remainder of your days constantly recruiting, recruiting, recruiting or selling, selling, selling? If you are a great recruiter or love selling and enjoy doing so, that may be your intent. But if you are like the majority of the population, who hates recruiting, who hates selling, I am sure that is not the case.

If the answer is yes to question one (do you ever plan on retiring from your business) do you know there is a clause in contracts that will prevent this from happening? Anytime you see ongoing sales, or ongoing recruiting, or mandatory autoship, or you must bring in new business each month or any similar clauses, the company is telling you you'll never be able to retire.

Okay, you don't see anything wrong with that. But, what if life gets in the way? What if, you or a family member has a medical challenge which prevents you from working your business. What if, like me, you are forced to relocate because the aftermath of a major hurricane destroys your entire city? Believe me, when I lost everything I owned in life because of Hurricane Katrina, ongoing sales and bringing in new business was the last thing on my mind. Companies do not care that life gets in the way. They will enforce those contracts. Again, if you are not earning any money, it is not a factor.

Here's another reason you may not be able to retire. If a company has wholesale and retail prices and you have retail customers who buy directly from you, you will never be able to quit or retire if you desire to continually earn that retail commission. I guess you think you can convert them to distributors but that would be out of the question since the difference in commission between wholesale and retail is so huge. In some cases, where you can earn $6.00 commission on retail, you earn less than $2.00 on wholesale. Of course, the company would love for you to do just that.

Anyway, if you're in it for the long haul, I hope this helps you in your quest to build your network marketing business.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heat

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Free Network Marketing Training -- Understanding Your Contract

When I became serious about building a network marketing business, I started searching online for help. In so doing, I found some great mentors including Bob & Anna Bassett. Bob & Anna had been in the industry for many years thus they had many ups & downs. Bob & Anna found out that one company they were in was actually a pyramid scheme and they didn't even know it. In another company with over 60 distributors in their organization, they only earned $115.00/mo. WOW! That is a lot of people for such little money. In fact, that is less than $2.00 per person. If they wanted to earn a $10,000/month income they would have needed over 5,000 people. Thus, they became educated about mlm and boy, am I glad they did. I have learned a lot from them. They are truly mentors with a servant's heart, truly go-givers.

Here's one thing I learned from them. Perhaps this info can help you, too.

One of the many things I learned is how to really inspect a network marketing company's contract before joining a company. The contract should protect both sides and it should be fair in its compensation to the distributor. There really can be a happy medium. In most cases, the company has all the rights, the distributor usually has none.

The contract consists of three parts: the terms & conditions, the policies & procedures and the compensation plan. All three should be clearly visible & available on the company's home page. Some companies put the terms & conditions only and you have to join before you can read the policies and procedures. This should not be the case because when you check the box, I agree to the terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to the entire contract. The part you don't see(but agree to), the policies and procedures, is where the gotcha clauses are hidden. written. This is like reading the fine print in a contract.

Here are some of the things to consider when reviewing the contract.

The first thing is the length of the contract. According to Rod Cook, the mlm watchdog, contracts should be less than 14 pages. But really, you can get everything in 6. If it is too long, there are too many places to hide the gotcha clauses. It is too easy for them to use legalese and separate the policies and spread them throughout the contract. There are actually contracts 50+ pages long.

Remember, the contracts were written by lawyers to protect the companies and every thing in them can be used against you in a court of law. So, if you don't understand something, don't sign. In fact, if they use too much legal jargon, let an attorney review it for you.

Another thing to do is research the company and its owners. Do a google search. Put the owner and/or company name followed by the word spam in quotations. This will help you find out if they have any lawsuits, legal problems or legitimate complaints against them.

These are a couple of things to do before you join a company. If you're already in one, check them out now before you invest any more time, energy and resources into building your business. It's better to find out now than later.

This should get you started. I'll share some of the gotcha clauses in my next post.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Network Marketing Training

Can free network marketing training be what you need?

I just watched the movie "The Miracle Worker" about Helen Keller. As I was watching a few thoughts came to my mind.

1. Helen's parents were frustrated with Helen and recognized they needed help training her, thus they sought the help they needed.

2. After the help came they almost rejected it for a couple of reasons:

a. the training wasn't quite what they expected
b. when they did accept the training, the results were not quick enough so they wanted to quit too soon.

3. Anne Sullivan knew she could teach Helen how to communicate with the world and be successful in life. She believed she had the training she needed. She believed in her 100%. Her help afforded Helen Keller the opportunity to live a full, productive life.

I related these thoughts to network marketing (I guess I relate everything to network marketing). Well, here's what I thought: There are many people in network marketing who recognize they need help and seek it out. They find and download the free network marketing training ebook Success in 10 Steps. Many people realize the value in it but others almost reject the information because it isn't quite what they expected. Some of those who see its value tap into the mentoring for free training, but, because results don't come overnight, they are ready to quit. Just like the Kellers.

But, just as Anne Sullivan was certain she could help Helen, I know I can help by provided free network marketing training to frustrated network marketers. I believe I can point you in the right direction. I believe I can help you learn the skills to become successful in this wonderful network marketing industry. Yes, I believe in you 100%.

So, if you are a frustrated network marketer looking for free training, you have found it. I'll give you a complete, soup-to-nuts system to build your empire in ANY network marketing company! Got a great MLM company, but NO upline support? Or do you need the keys to help you find a great company? Whatever the need, free network marketing training is available here.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Network Marketing Business Opportunity -- What's Your Plan?

Okay, you have an opportunity to build a network marketing business. So, the question is, do you have a business plan? Yes, even a network marketing business needs a plan. If you are not planning your business, you are planning to fail.

Do you start out on a vacation or a business trip without a plan? Or do you just start driving without a destination in mind? Do you just catch the first plane taking off? Of course not, you know your destination and make plans with the destinaton in mind.

Well, it's no different with a network marketing business. You start with the end in mind. To do so you must know what it is you're trying to accomplish? This is starting with the end in mind. For instance, if the end is to increase your customer base, how many new customers are you attempting to pick up each month? Once you decide that, decide how many prospects you need to contact for this to happen. Once you know how many prospects you need to contact, then plan your daily activities accordingly.

After you decide on the destination or the end (or the number of new customers desired), make a plan. The business plan might include developing new advertising/marketing skills, it may include contacting x number of people each day. It may include sending out x number emails per week. It may include the number of blogs and/or videos you will post each week. If you only haphazardly do activities without the end in mind, you will get haphazard results. When planning, consider the time/money resources available to work the business. Once you consider the resources, make a schedule & stick with it. If you know your time is limited, be realistic about the results you expect. Another part of the plan is scheduling when you will review the plan.

Now that you have a business plan, start the plan. Don't allow the considerations, fears and roadblocks to keep you from working the plan.

Also, when making the plan, create a checklist of your activities. This will help you when you review your plan. If you aren't getting the desired results, the checklist will enable you to see if you really are sticking with the plan. It will also enable you to make any adjustments if you are implementing the plan but it just isn't working.

Even if it takes a week to plan, this time won't be wasted. It will actually save you time. You will be more productive when you do start implementing the plan. It is likened to you sharpening your axe. When you sharpen an axe you work smarter, not harder. Thus, you get quicker results with a sharp axe.

So, the question is do you have a plan for your network marketing business? If not, you really are planning to fail.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is it True Leaders are Readers?

I have often heard that readers are leaders. But is that true? Let's think about that.

I know someone who is constantly reading. In fact, she starts her day by reading the newspaper (after listening to the news). OUCH! She reads romance novels, mystery novels and magazines. And this person can not lead a horse to water let alone make him drink it. I'm not trying to be critical I am merely stating a fact. In addition, she always sees the glass as being half empty.

So, you can see the statement is not completely true. But, if you qualified the statement by saying 'readers who read empowering, motivating, inspiring and educational books and magazines are leaders', then you will have a true statement. Fortunately for me, I know many people who fit in this category. Those are the people I associate with because I believe 'he that walks with wise men shall be wise.' They read books written by Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Jeff Olson, Mark Victor Hanson, Wayne Cordero, Myles Munroe, T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Mac Hammond, Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter, Michael Dlouhy and so on and so forth.

What you read (and listen to and associate with) determines what you think; what you think determines your actions; your actions determine you results and results don't lie. So, if you don't like your present results, in your personal life or business life, by simply changing what you read you can ultimately change your thoughts which will change your actions. Then you can start getting the desired results. Oh, and turning off the t.v. and staying away from negative people wouldn't be a bad thing either.

To start changing the results (or to get more of the results you're getting if you're happy with them) join me each week with other leaders as we read Think & Grow Rich. Click here to register for the 30-day cleanse. There is no cost or obligation. Isn't your life worth 30 days?

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working for Uncle Sam -- Two Choices -- Part 2

On yesterday I told you about the outcome from my choice to work for Uncle Sam. I also told you there were two factors which helped with that decision. The first was the possibility of retiring at a young age as I explained and the second factor was the rate of compensation.

When I started my job search, I checked into the state government and the federal government. The pay scale for the federal surpassed the state by a huge margin. So I decided to take the federal test and the rest is history. I never considered private industry because my research showed me that the rate of pay in the local area was lower than with the federal government.

I did not have a specific government agency in mind to work for. I did not know what job I would end up specializing in. But I did know I was gonna work for the federal government because they had the highest rate of pay. I made my very logical decision based on that and the good retirement system. Those are the two factors.

As you can see I did my homework and thus was able to make an informed decision. It was strictly an economic decision and it worked out well for me.

When I first learned about network marketing I embraced the idea. The concept of earning residual income appealed to me. But, the logic I used to decide who I would work for, was thrown out the window. I did not do my research. I did not study to see if I would ever be able to retire. And I never knew how much I would get paid for my efforts. My decision was usually based on a company's products. Consequently, I have made futilte attempts to create an income in network marketing because the rate of compensation with horrendous.

But then I read the book Success in 10 Steps. This book opened my eyes to network marketing. I found out why my lack of success was not my fault. After reading that book I understood the odds were stacked against me. I realized that just like there was a disparity in pay between the federal and state governments, that is also the case from company to company in network marketing. Boy was I glad to find that out. It has made all the difference in building a business.

What about you? Have you ever taken a job without first knowing the compensation? Or, did you start the job and then find out the rate of pay? Probably not. If you're like most people, you knew before you started exactly how much you would get paid. Well, shouldn't you also know that before you start with a network marketing company?

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

Friday, July 11, 2008

Working for Uncle Sam -- Two Choices -- Part 1

Back in the early 70's I started my government career. My decision to work for Uncle Sam was based on two key factors. One was the retirement plan. You see, I knew retiring at the earliest age I would still be young enough to move on and do something else. Thus, I reached that age, retired and have moved on.

Okay, I have a friend I will call Mary. Mary is a couple of years older than me. She started working for Uncle Sam two years before I did. But, after working for the government for approximately three years she decided to quit and go private industry.

Well, last week I saw Mary and she told me if she had stuck with Uncle Sam she would have already been retired for four years. Instead she has three more years to work before she can. By the time she is eligible I will have been retired for four plus years. Her choice to go with her company added seven years to her work life.

Okay, what is my point? Mary and I both decided on career paths. We both did well in our chosen companies. But, because Mary didn't look long-term as far as early retirement eligibility, she is still working a 9 to 5. I am not.

That is also what happens in choosing network marketing companies. Some people don't look at their policies & procedures to know when (and if) they can ever retire. They don't look at the clauses like 'you must have ongoing sales', or 'you must have at least one recruit each month', or 'you must stay on monthly autoship' to be eligible for commission. All of these clauses can legally prevent you from ever retiring from a company. At least with my friend, Mary, she will be eligible at some point.

So, if you are building your network marketing business with the intent to retire when you desire, be sure to read your policies and procedures to make sure you can.

I will share the other factor I considered when choosing my career in my next article.

By the way, reaching a certain age should not be a determining factor in retiring. With enough monthly income, you can retire at any age. If you want to work your way out of a job and retire early, or just want more network marketing insights, click here for a free ebook.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a servant's heart

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Multiple Streams of Residual Income -- What Does that Mean?

As an online marketer I come across people all the time who are in network marketing because of its ability to produce residual income. Some people are very focused on one business and doing well, some are focused but can't seem to get it going and need help. But then there are those who are so unfocused they are in two and three businesses at the same time because they believe in the "multiple streams of income" philosophy. Well, I'm a 'blue' personality type and I even have trouble buying into that philosophy. A blue is generally unfocused, scattered and usually doing two and three things at a time. But, think about this. The bible even says 'a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.' Thus, this philosophy simply doesn't work. So, if you're attempting to build more than one network marketing business (or any two businesses) thinking you are producing multiple streams of residual income, think again. What's really happening is multiple streams of outgo. Each business has a monthly requirement so, if you are meeting that requirement, money is going out. Even if you somehow manage to generate income in one business, the income earned is financing the other one thus, there is really no increased income. Not to mention, you can not get focused.

Here's what my mentor, Michael Dlouhy, says about focus:

The narrower you focus, the better chance prospects & customers will see you as high quality. And NO SERIOUS BUILDER commits to a network unless they consider it high quality. When you promote a smorgasbord of opportunities, you undermine your network. When you try to appeal to everybody with your multiple streams of products & services, smart people will not take you seriously. And why should they? You have no identity in their mind.


No trust. No loyalty. No network. Your people are easy targets for some narrowly focused networker. You waste time & money searching for more opportunities to create your multiple streams. But loss of focus = loss of power.
End of Michael's statement.

Do you see why it is better to find a business that will produce your desired income and put all your time, energy and resources into building that one business. Then, when you get it on autopilot, buy property, buy stocks, bonds, cd's, invest in the forex, etc. That is how you can produce those multiple streams of residual income.

What do you think about that?

If you bought into the "multiple streams of residual income" philosophy or if you are focused but can't figure out what to do next to get your business going, click here for more network marketing insights. It may be just the thing to get and keep you focused and on track.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Not Magic --- It's Only Math

I just received another call from someone offering me this wonderful biz op. I was told about a cure-all product that would magically make me lots of money. This person was truly excited about the income possibilities.

Well, I can relate to how they felt because that used to be me. Great products have enticed me in the past. After all, I just knew everyone else would feel the same way. Of course I was wrong. No one felt the same way. And so, very soon my bubble burst because of the difficulty in selling the product and/or selling the business opportunity.

That was before I got educated. Products no longer excite me. I fully understand without an excellent product, a company won't stay in business. But, I also fully understand having an excellent product is not enough to keep me in business.

Okay, back to this business opportunity. After I was offered this wonderful biz op I asked a simple question (well two questions actually but I'll discuss the second question at another time). The question was this: How many customers/affiliates will I need to earn a $10,000/mo income? The answer was this: You can earn $10,000/week with only 200 people. Well had I not been educated, had I not been able to do the math, I would have been excited about this. BUT, I am educated, I can do the math and I am a critical thinker. I knew there is no way (unless by magic) a product selling for only $60.00 with a 5% commission payout could possibly produce $10,000/week with 200 people. In fact, in doing the math, I calculated it would require over 3,000 people to produce a $10,000/mo income.

I mentioned I got educated. My education started with a free ebook. The fact is I had to get educated. I was tired of spinning my wheels. I was once in a company where I needed 5,000 people to earn a $10,000/mo income. I got involved because the product was exceptional. But, I soon realized it would be almost impossible to reach my income goal. Companies know this. They know all they have to do is provide a good product to suck you in, no matter how poor the compensation plan is. I call that cruel and unusual punishment.

So, if you have a great product, before you get excited about the income possibility, DO THE MATH on the front end. It will save you a lot of failure and frustration on the back end.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Monday, July 7, 2008

Three Powerful Principles of Success

Allow me to share parts of an article by Brian Tracy.

Mr. Tracy writes:

Be Clear About Your Goals

There are three principles of military strategy you can apply to your work every single day. The first idea from the military is called the Principle of Maneuver. The principle of maneuver says that you should be clear about the goal, but be flexible about the process of achieving it.

Be Open to Continuous Feedback
A key peak performance quality for you is to "accept feedback and self-correct." Peak performers are those who can take information from their environment and even if the information is contrary to all of their planning, they can accept the information, modify their plans, and continue moving forward. They are always open to new ideas and insights.

Learn What You Need to Know

The second military principle you can use is the Principle of Intelligence. This principle of intelligence means simply, "get the facts!"

The most important thing in business decision making is for you to get accurate information. Facts don't lie. It is important that you get the real facts, not the assumed facts or the apparent facts or the obvious facts, or the hoped for facts, but the real, provable facts.

Invest Your Resources Wisely
The third military principle applied to strategic planning is the Principle of Economy of Force. Economy of force means that you expend only the resources necessary to achieve the objective and not more. It also means that you commit sufficient resources to achieve the objective once you have decided upon it.

Action Exercises
Here are two ideas that you can apply immediately to be more strategic in your work and personal life.

First, remain flexible when you are working towards your goal. In times of rapid change, all of your best ideas can be contradicted by new information. Be willing to try different things. Be open to new inputs and ideas.

Second, get the facts! The more and better information you can acquire before you make a decision, the better your decision will be. The very best managers spend a good amount of time getting the real, provable facts before they take action.

End of Mr. Tracy's thoughts

My thoughts of the matter. :)

If you are clear about your goals, but are struggling because what you know to do is not working for you, perhaps it's time to apply the Principle of Maneuver and be flexible about the process of achieving them.

Secondly, it may also be time to apply the Principle of Intelligence. If your decision to join your company was based on the assumed facts, or the apparent facts or the obvious facts, or the hoped for facts, then consider obtaining the real, provable facts.

If you've reached a point in your business where you need to maneuver or get the facts before you continue investing your resources, click here to obtain real, provable facts. You have nothing to lose. Even if the information is contrary to all of your planning, accept the information, modify your plans, and continue moving forward.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Products are Great --- BUT!

I'd like to share with you an experience a friend of mine had. She found this company and their products are great.

What she did NOT know is that the payplan is a horrible fiasco at the expense of the hardworking and naive distributors who are never taught to look at the business aspect of a company they join. People joined because they liked a product a friend or neighbor introduced them to and they could get products cheaper by joining.

After the 9th pay plan change (cut) in 11 years, and the elimination of the car bonus program without replacing it with something else, her income from that company was suddenly slashed about 80%.

But at that time, she did not know how important it was to understand the business side and comp plan payout schedule and to search out the track record of the company owners and management - their integrity, business acumen and skill, and global experience.

That's when her REAL education about MLM began.

What she learned (and so have I) in addition to having a great product and the company owners having integrity, skill and global experience, there are three other things to consider when choosing a company which are these:

======> timing in the industry and timing in the company.

You never want to get in on a ground floor opportunity and you never want to get involved in new industry. Let the company work out the kinks for a couple of years. If it is a good opportunity, it will be after two years (if it survives.)

======> a fair compensation plan

A fair compensation plan is not one which pays the top 1% or only the full-time network marketers. A fair plan is not one which you can never earn more than your upline because of the way it's structured. A fair plan is not one which requires a balancing act or hoop jumping to qualify.

Okay, a fair compensation plan is one which allows the part-time distributor the same opportunity to earn money as the full-time distributor. A fair compensation plan is one which allows the newest distributor to earn as much as his/her upline. A fair compensation plan is one which does not require you to do a balancing act. In other words, you won't be required to have two balanced leg before you are paid.

======> a system for success

When you due your homework and find a company which meets the above criteria, you can almost guarantee your success if you have a system that you and your entire team can use. You need to have duplication going on. You don't want to be a sponsor monster because you will never be able to retire from building your business. You want everyone duplicating your efforts so they can get the same results.

Which brings me to this final point. Be sure to read your company's policies and procedures so you can be sure you can retire when you decide. If you see clauses which say you must have ongoing sales or ongoing recruiting -- BEWARE. You will never be able to retire. But then, that brings us right back to a company having integrity.

To guard yourself from having the same or similiar experience as my friend, click here to start your due diligence about network marketing.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

'Secrets of a Trainer' - 2 Key Factors

As Featured On Ezine Articles

I just received an email from Joey Atlas, a fitness specialist entitled 'Secrets of a Trainer' - 2 Key Factors for Lower Body Improvements

Okay, I admit, I need some lower body improvements -- you know -- issues women have. But this is not about lower body improvements. But, the two factors he mentioned can be applied to any area, even building a home business. So, wherever he mentions improving your body, substitute it with 'building a business.'

Any way, Joey said "The first key factor that has led most, if not all, of my clients to success with improving their lower bodies is this:

"consistency" --> sticking with their program..."

People start & stop all the time - & those people are always the first to complain "I can never get myself into shape & look good." (or build my business and get financially free).

Factor number two is this:

"being on the right program...."

You can be consistent and faithful for months and months - and see no results if you are not on a good program. This can be disheartening and lead to what I call 'fitness failure' (99% of the time this is not your fault - it's the ineffectiveness of the program you were following).

So, if you already have a good program - be consistent with it. If you don't have a good lower body exercise program (or business building program) - GET ONE! and get moving.

End of Joey's email.


My thoughts: Be consistent with the activities you need to do to build your home business. Being consistent is working the slight edge principle -- doing the seemingly insignificant things which are easy to do over and over and over. It will not happen overnight but with a good program which has already been proven to work for thousands of others, it will happen. Just as failure is not the fault of those attempting to become physically fit but use the wrong program, it's not your fault either if you use the wrong program. So, if you don't have an effective business building program, you can GET ONE HERE.

One more thought: The seemingly insignificant things which are easy to do are just as easy not to do -- so, JUST DO IT!

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Questions Are You Asking?

Have you ever had a situation where you asked yourself or someone else a question? Once you got the answer, how did you feel? Were you encouraged or discouraged?

Here's what happens when you ask a question. The mind starts to think of answers to your question. It doesn't matter if you pose the question to yourself or someone else, the brain will go to work to find the answer. So, it is important to ask the right question. How you ask a question will determine if the creative juices will be shut down or activated. For instance, when you ask a question in a negative manner such as "Why can't I do this?" your mind will come up with answers like "because you don't have the right education, or you don't know the right people." But, if you turn the question around to the positive such as "What can I do to make this work?" this positive question will have your mind looking for answers. It will go to work to find the solutions and give you suggestions. For instance, if you are in business, you will start thinking of ways to market and promote. You will think of people to call who can help.

Another example of asking the right question would be "How can I attract more people with money who see the the big picture and want to have financial freedom just like me?" as opposed to "How come everyone I talk to has no money to join me in business?" As mentioned, the mind will find the answer for any question presented.

One final example of a positive question would be “How can I increase the retention and reorder rate of my customers?” Stated this way you will start finding creative ways to keep your customers. This question stated negatively would go something like “Why don't my customers re-order?” And, of course, you will get answers that will have you feeling it is your fault they are not.

Can you feel the difference between these questions? The questions are basically the same, but the question stated positively is empowering and creative whereas the question stated negatively is disempowering and usually accusatory. So take notice of how you ask your questions and start asking empowering questions.

This may seem insignificant, but it is lack of this type of knowledge which sometimes hinders progress in building a home business. The negative, disempowering, accusatory question can discourage and make you want to quit. On the other hand, the positive question will give you the energy to sustain your efforts and, of course, help you find the answer.

This is just an example of the free skills trainings provided by Mentoring For Free. We offer training on all the skills you will need for success in network marketing. We show you step by step how to find and attract the right prospects for your business -- even down to asking the right questions.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart