Saturday, July 12, 2008

Working for Uncle Sam -- Two Choices -- Part 2

On yesterday I told you about the outcome from my choice to work for Uncle Sam. I also told you there were two factors which helped with that decision. The first was the possibility of retiring at a young age as I explained and the second factor was the rate of compensation.

When I started my job search, I checked into the state government and the federal government. The pay scale for the federal surpassed the state by a huge margin. So I decided to take the federal test and the rest is history. I never considered private industry because my research showed me that the rate of pay in the local area was lower than with the federal government.

I did not have a specific government agency in mind to work for. I did not know what job I would end up specializing in. But I did know I was gonna work for the federal government because they had the highest rate of pay. I made my very logical decision based on that and the good retirement system. Those are the two factors.

As you can see I did my homework and thus was able to make an informed decision. It was strictly an economic decision and it worked out well for me.

When I first learned about network marketing I embraced the idea. The concept of earning residual income appealed to me. But, the logic I used to decide who I would work for, was thrown out the window. I did not do my research. I did not study to see if I would ever be able to retire. And I never knew how much I would get paid for my efforts. My decision was usually based on a company's products. Consequently, I have made futilte attempts to create an income in network marketing because the rate of compensation with horrendous.

But then I read the book Success in 10 Steps. This book opened my eyes to network marketing. I found out why my lack of success was not my fault. After reading that book I understood the odds were stacked against me. I realized that just like there was a disparity in pay between the federal and state governments, that is also the case from company to company in network marketing. Boy was I glad to find that out. It has made all the difference in building a business.

What about you? Have you ever taken a job without first knowing the compensation? Or, did you start the job and then find out the rate of pay? Probably not. If you're like most people, you knew before you started exactly how much you would get paid. Well, shouldn't you also know that before you start with a network marketing company?

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

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