Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lessons Learned From a Five Year Old

My grandson visited me a few months back. It was a blessing to have him for a month but it was certainly a challenge to work my business every day. For one thing I couldn't concentrate or hear myself think because from the time he arose until the time he went to bed there was constant chatter. Keane talked non-stop and freely expressed his thoughts. And throughout the day, he jumped from one activity to the next.

I realized that is how I used to be. I had a lot of chatter constantly going on in my mind. Most of it was negative, most of it was disempowering, and most of it was discouraging. Also, because of my "blue" personality I would often jump from activity to activity, from project to project and from network marketing company to network marketing company. Boy, am I glad I learned how to stop the negative chatter and how to stop program hopping.

Keane taught me a lot. From observing him I realized I needed to become more like a child. He has no problem asking for what he wants, even if it's help to do something. And, if he doesn't get it the first time, he will persist and ask again, and again, and again. As adults we sometimes stop asking for what we want. We often settle for what we get. And when we need help we suffer in silence instead of asking for it. I know I have been guilty of that. I suffered in silence when I didn't know how to build my business until I finally sought help.

Keane taught me how to use my creativity. Since he knows I can sew, he asked me to make an outfit for a teddy bear. When I said I didn't know how to make those clothes, he simply said 'yes you do.' He accepted no excuses. And so I did. He kept asking until I relented.

Two lessons learned from this: 1) persist until you get what you desire as he did and 2) when you think you aren't capable, someone will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

One other thing I observed from Keane. He is impatient. He wants every thing now. For instance, he wanted a hot dog so I put water on the stove (I am old school with my hot dogs.) He said, that will take too long. Why can't you put it in the microwave? Is that impatient or what?

I remember when I was like that about building my home business. I was impatient and wanted microwave results. This only caused much frustration. Thank God I started understanding principles like the "slight edge" which is simply taking consistent actions each day - actions which are easy to do but just as easy not to do (be sure they are the right actions). I also learned how to follow a simple recipe for success which eliminated the frustration and I now enjoy building my home business without expecting microwave results.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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