Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are You Following a Recipe for Disaster

Network marketing is like a revolving door, and most network marketers hop from program to program until they figure things out. Let's see what causes this and how to prevent it.

First, let's look at this analogy:

Ten times you attempt to bake a cake following a certain recipe. Each attempt is a disaster so you now decide you will never bake another cake because you feel you are incapable of producing the desired result. Then you're given a another recipe and finally you get the desired result. When you compare the two, you realize the new recipe requires sugar and milk but the old one required salt and water. With this new knowledge you realize, it was not your fault; even though you followed the first recipe, it could never produce the result you desired.

So it is with network marketing. Using the wrong recipe will probably end in disaster. Let's face it: as you can clearly see, even with a strong 'Why', using the wrong recipe will never bring the desired results.

If you are feeling distraught in your network marketing efforts because you're getting undesirable results, think about making use of the free ebook, Success in 10 Steps. Now keep in mind it is a proven recipe for success in network marketing.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma L. White
mentorirma@gmail dot com

P. S. You are smart enough to do this business -- with the right recipe.
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