Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Are You Working On?

First let me start by saying Happy New Year! I pray that this is your best year ever in every area of life, in particular in network marketing.

If you started a business in the past that is working for you, continue working it until you get the desired result. But, if what you started hasn't worked and you've given it your best effort, then maybe it's time to find out why. It could very well be that you only need to get the skills that will help you build your business. Or, it could very well be what you're doing will never work. At any rate, whether you need to make a change, or simply learn skills, I am here to help as many people as I can succeed in network marketing.

Okay, let's move on. I want to start with a question. Do you know why you are doing network marketing? If you know why, is the why strong enough to keep you in the game when it seems everything is going wrong? Will your why keep you motivated to action even when you don't feel like working? Did I say working? Yes. Network marketing entails WORK, lots of WORK, lots of consistent, focused WORK. It is not netwish, or nethope, or neteasy marketing. It is netWORK marketing. That is the reason you have to have a strong why because when others join you and discover it is WORK, they will quit.

Back to the question, do you know why you are doing network marketing. Do you see it as your best chance to earn an above average income? Or, did you join because an upline promised you they would do it for you if you joined? That may sound silly, but I actually know someone who tells his people that.
And guess what? He is a sponsoring maniac. And guess what else? No one else is duplicating his sponsoring efforts. My friend does understand that he has to WORK to build a business, but he missed the point that network marketing is a team of people working together all doing a few things not just one person doing everything. He doesn't understand you cannot do it for them but you can mentor and guide them. He can plug them into a system where they can develop their business and personal skills. As a result, he is spinning his wheels because just as fast as he signs up one person, someone else quits.

Another way an upline can promise you they'll do it for you is with spillover. Spillover creates the mentality that I don't have to do anything. And, as already mentioned, network marketing entails WORK - not just by one person, but by everyone involved, I might add.

Okay, let's say you don't expect to get rich by spillover but you joined a network marketing company because you saw it as an equal opportunity for everyone to achieve their desired income. You understand that it takes work and that it is not get rich quick but will take persistent, consistent effort. But, you just can't seem to get it WORKING. If that's your case, there is a way to get it going. It starts with basic understanding of network marketing. It starts with basic understanding of PEOPLE. Yes, PEOPLE. Since it is proven that network marketing is a people business, developing people skills will take you a long way. And, believe it or not, developing people skills is quite simple. Now there are other skills which need to be developed, but people skills is the number 1 skill needed and so often overlooked.

Not only do you have to understand other people, you have to understand and know yourself. That is why in addition to developing people skills, part of building a solid busines is personal-development as well. Personal-development will help anchor you and keep you working when you feel like quitting. This actually reminds me of a quote I read by Bob Moawad about goal setting which says - when we set goals they work in two ways: we work on them and they work on us. So it is with network marketing, we work on the business and the business works on us.

So, let's get started on those people skills. How, by downloading this free ebook, Success in 10 Steps where you will discover that your lack of success is NOT your fault. Once you get started with the ebook, I will show you where to start the personal development process.

I look forward to netWORKing with you.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart

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