Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free Network Marketing Training -- Accurate Thinking

Napoleon Hill says in his book, The Law of Success, "accurate thinking is one of the important foundation stones of all enduring success." He explains you must know how to separate "facts" from mere "information" as well as how to separate the important facts from the unimportant. He also says with the "facts" you can build definite working plans in the pursuit of any calling.

I remember when my thinking about network marketing was not accurate. I remember when I did not know how to separate facts from information or how to distinguish the "important" from the unimportant facts. Furthermore, I made plans in pursuit of building a network marketing business strictly on information, not facts. As a result, my efforts were in vain. Consequently, I know first hand "accurate thinking" is vital to success in network marketing (and any other endeavor).

One such "fact" I had no knowledge of was this: the business model drives the behavior in the field. Simply put, if you're in a network marketing business that pays you a heavy bonus on the front end when you sponsor a new distributor but very little residual on the back end, the behavior is to recruit, recruit, recruit. (This is only one example of how a company drives this behavior).

Why is this important to know? Well, here's an example. I had the following conversation with a gentleman I will call O.D. who had just started his network marketing business.

O. D. -- The compensation plan is so great you can earn $10,000 by sponsoring 45 people a month because you get paid $225.00 per sign up.

Me -- How long do you plan to do this business -- 2-5 years or forever?

O. D. -- No more than 5 years

Me -- Well, in order for that to happen you must also earn residual income. So, between customers and distributors, how many active people will you need to earn a $10,000 month residual income? Fast start bonuses are one time payouts.

O.D. -- Two distributors and three customers.

Well, I am not a math genius but I do know that is impossible.

Me -- How is that possible?

O.D. -- I don't know. That is the information I was given by my upline.

Me -- O. D. the fact is the bulk of your income is made on recruiting so do you see what happens when the recruiting stops? Your income stops. Do you see how a business model that drives the behavior of ongoing recruiting won't allow you to quit in 2-5 years? (or never for that matter) Also, realistically, is it at all possible for you to sponsor those 45 people each month? (a very important fact worth considering).

O.D. -- I see your point.

End of conversation

Do you also see my point? Do you see why it is important to be able to think accurately? Otherwise you can spin your wheels and waste a lot of time (and won't be successful in your efforts to build your business.)

As I mentioned, I was not always accurate in my thinking when it came to building a network marketing business. Like O.D. my decision to join a company was based on information, not facts. Although my sponsor may have been sincere in the information shared, they were sincerely wrong.

What about you? Did you get the facts before you devised definite working plans to build your network marketing business? What are the facts? As I stated, one fact is the business model drives the behavior in the field. The fact is if you desire to build the business once and quit building when you desire, there must be residual income, earning bonuses on sponsoring new reps doesn't qualify. The fact is by doing the math you can determine how many active distributors and/or customers you will need to earn the income desired.

These are some of the facts to consider when reviewing a network marketing company. The facts don't lie but information may not be true i.e. there is no way to earn $10,000 residual income per month with only 5 people (based on a $100 monthly requirement).

If you're in network marketing and have not separated "facts" from mere "information" click here for a free ebook entitled Success in 10 Steps. This training could be the start of the principle of "accurate thinking" helping you achieve your dreams and goals in network marketing.

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma White
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart

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