Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is the Two Word Answer That Will Make You Rich?

I just received an email from my friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy that I thought is worth sharing. Knowing that two word answer has made all the difference in my life.

Here goes:

Your Conscious Mind the one that remembers all the Algebra Equations, Time Traveled, Compensation Plans,All formulas, ALL the Stuff You Learn in College is the size of a pea. This is the "SMART" part of Your Brain.

The Stupid Part of Your Brain that is as dumb as a big box of Rocks is Your Sub-Conscious mind it is the size of the entire World and the Stupid part of Your mind makes ALL, Yes ALL Your Decisions in about 3 seconds flat.
Your Sub-Conscious mind does NOT know the difference of TRUTH or a LIE, RIGHT or WRONG, LEFT or RIGHT, all You need to do to OWN Your Life is to Program Your
Mind with The 7 Positive Emotions all the time.

#1. Desire.
#2. Faith.
#3. Love.
#4. Sex.
#5. Enthusiasm.
#6. Romance.
#7. Hope.

When Your Sub-Conscious mind goes to the 7 Negative Emotions, click on this Bob Newhart video.

The 7 Negative Emotions.

#1. ___________

I will NOT put the 7 Negative emotions in this e-mail Because I don't want to put them out to the world, the News does more then the world can handle...

So my Two word answer is:.... Stop It......

Be empowered to prosper!

Irma L. White
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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